The origins of a

modern consulting firm

Esche Schümann Commichau in Hamburg is a tax practice of lawyers, tax advisors and auditors, founded as a law firm in 1822, which now counts among one of the large multidisciplinary pracitices in Germany. It has operated under very different societal, political and economic conditions, has gained trust and has consistently enjoyed an outstanding reputation.

How it all started – establishment of Hamburg's oldest law firm

1822: Dr. Johann Carl Knauth establishes his law firm.

1847: Dr. Johann Friedrich Voigt joins the firm as a partner.

1858: Dr. Ernst Friedrich Sieveking – who lent his name to Sieveking Square in Hamburg and who promoted a uniform maritime law – comes aboard as an additional partner.

1872/75: Dr. Otto Wachsmuth and Dr. Johann Heinrich Burchard, later mayor of the Hanseatic City, are taken on as partners of the firm.

1877: Sieveking is elected to the Senate of the Free Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

1909: With the entry of Dr. Max Harald Krauel, the firm is composed of Dr. Otto Wachsmuth, Dr. Oscar Paul Horwitz and Dr. Wilhelm Amsinck Burchard-Motz, i.e. of four partners. The firm's focus lies on maritime and commercial law.

1922: The firm marks its 100th anniversary.

1939 - 1945: Dr. Max Krauel leads the firm during the war years without collaborating with the Nazis. He is appointed Vice President of the Hamburg Bar Association in 1946.

1948: Dr. Werner Deuchler becomes a partner in the firm. Deuchler develops, alongside his litigation activities, a significant commercial practice. As President of the German Bar Association (1970) and of the International Bar Association (1974), he brings national and international connections to the firm.

1949: The law firm of Dr. Ernst Esche is established and wins many "Mittelstand" companies as clients. Esche quickly becomes a well-known commercial attorney who gains a prominent reputation, especially in the field of plant construction and mechanical engineering.

Transformation of the firm into a modern consulting firm

1974: Creation of the interdisciplinary firm Esche Schümann & Partner through a merger of the law firm of Dr. Ernst Esche, founded in 1949, and the tax advisory and auditing firm of Dr. Windler & Schümann, founded in 1952.

1991: The firms of Deuchler, Krauel & Commichau and Esche, Schümann & Partners merge to become Esche Schümann Commichau. The firm's trademark becomes the provision of multidisciplinary advice to national and international companies as well as individuals in the fields of law, tax and auditing.

Obliged by tradition to foster new talent

1997: Establishment of the Esche Schümann Commichau Foundation to mark the 175th anniversary of the firm. The Esche Schümann Commichau Foundation awards annual sponsorship prizes to graduates in the fields of law, business and auditing.

Relocation – Generational change

2012: 190th anniversary of Esche Schümann Commichau; relocation to HafenCity with a team of about 200 lawyers, tax advisors, auditors, chartered accountants and their staff. At the same time, the relocation marks a generational change in the firm.