Labour and Employment Law

Employment law advice in transactional proceedings

Employment law due diligence, employment law risk analysis for purchase or sale negotiations, designing the employment law elements of transaction agreements.

Corporate and financial rescue concepts for collective labor agreements

Designing and negotiating company wage agreements, financial rescue collective labor agreements, advising on the binding effect of collective agreements and terminating the commitment.

Company restructuring, outsourcing, turn-around consultancy

Design and implementation of structural change and restructuring measures including ownership transfers (e.g. outsourcing), advice and support in negotiations regarding the balancing of interests and social benefits planning including representation in proceedings before mediation boards.

Structuring company agreements and employee co-determination

Implementation of enterprise concepts on the level of law governing employee/employer relations and employee representation; advice and support in questions of co-determination law; advice and support in concluding company agreements on working hours, compensation models, IT security, company retirement provisions, etc.; representation before mediation boards and in resolution proceedings.

Terminating employment relationships

Advising on terminating employment relationships, drawing up termination and winding-up agreements as well as part-time employment models for older employees, transfer measures, and litigation management throughout Germany.

Employment agreements for managers and board members

Drafting and negotiating employment agreements under private law for managers and board members, advice and support regarding the termination of such employment agreements.

Structuring employment contracts

Advising on structuring employment contracts including provisions on variable compensation models and flexible working hours, employee participation programs, company retirement provisions, and cross-border employee assignments.

Advanced training for human resources personnel

Employment law coaching for personnel in human resources departments and executives, in particular in-house seminars, e-learning (including

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