Inheritance and Family Law, Asset Structuring

Inheritance law

Drafting, amendment and revocation of wills and inheritance agreements, taking into account foreign assets and tax effects in Germany and abroad.

Execution of wills and appointment of guardians for minor heirs.

Production of health care proxies and living wills.

Advice and representation in court following an inheritance to assert, enforce and defend all inheritance law claims (sole heir, communities of heirs, legatees, parties entitled to compulsory shares, inheritance certificate proceedings, settlement of the estate).

Anticipated inheritance

Structuring agreements on anticipated inheritance, taking into account family structures as well as corporate law and tax requirements, in particular for minor beneficiaries (appointment of special guardians, obtaining court approvals).

Family law

Drafting of marriage contracts and agreements for non-marital partners, with special attention to legal relationships of children in common, asset structures and their (property law) consequences.

Support in adoption proceedings.

Gifts of assets to minor children.

Preparatory separation and divorce consultancy.

Implementation of divorce proceedings including all consequences of divorce as well as asserting and defending against other marital and family law claims (maintenance, parental custody, visiting rights).

Asset structuring

Advice on the structuring of significant assets, taking into account all aspects of inheritance and family law as well as tax corporate and foundation law.

Support in structuring agreements with outside asset managers.

FOCUS-SpezialTop lawyer 2014

Karin Friedrich-Büttner ranks among the top experts on inheritance law (mehr)

Top lawyer 2013

Karin Friedrich-Büttner ranks among the top experts on inheritance law (mehr)

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