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Insolvency Law and Restructurings

Our experts in insolvency law and restructurings have a wealth of wide-ranging experience in this area and are therefore a trustworthy partner in difficult times. We advise and support our clients in all insolvency-related matters and manage the legal and tax aspects of structurings/restructurings of companies and groups (see also Restructuring Services).

Internationally, we can also draw on a network (Lawyers Associated Worldwide) of foreign law firms whose national know-how ideally complements our work in this area.

  • Advising and representing
    • creditors in the event of an impending or actual insolvency of the contractual partner
    • creditors in their defence against claims contesting insolvency and claims under the German Rescission Act (Anfechtungsgesetz)
    • insolvency administrators in the pursuit of claims contesting insolvency and liability claims
    • executive directors and executive boards in relation to insolvency-related liability issues
    • companies in all issues of insolvency law and in particular in relation to “protective procedures” (Schutzschirmverfahren) and “self-administration” (Eigenverwaltung)
  • drawing up insolvency plans
  • implementing insolvency proceedings by way of affiliated independent insolvency Administration

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