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Advertising and Unfair Competition Law

Advertising and unfair competition law

Assessment of promotional and advertising campaigns; advice and representation in unfair competition matters, in particular regarding misleading or surrepetitious advertisement, product placement, unfair comparative advertising, special events and closing-down sales; assessment of innovative forms of advertising, lotteries and raffles, sales discounts, giveaways; passing off; unfair poaching of customers or employees, discrediting of competitors; misappropriation of business secrets; advice on related fields such as e.g. the Quotation of Prices Act.

Food and drug advertising law

Advice and representation in all matters of food law, including design of products, packaging, and labelling, advertisement for food, and litigation regarding these issues; consultancy and representation in matters concerning drug advertising, in particular misleading advertisement for drugs, advertisements for drugs without marketing authorization, gifts and benefits in connection with advertisement of drugs; training of marketing staff.

Advertising agencies and German Advertising Standards Authority

Structuring of agreements with advertising agencies; representation before the German Advertising Standards Authority and other self-regulatory bodies.