JUVE-Guide 2019/2020

Nominated at the JUVE Awards 2019 as "Law Firm of the Year for Dispute Resolution", ESCHE has been certified as having considerable compliance know-how, particularly by criminal law boutiques (more)


Internal Investigations

Support with crisis Management

  • Advising on obligations on the part of management in the case of legal breaches
  • Carrying out plausibility checks in the event that a breach of the law is suspected 
  • Providing support in the event of searches by the investigating authorities 
  • Support in terms of press law 
  • Review of D&O insurance cover

Investigation of the facts

  • Securing existing evidence 
  • Questioning witnesses and employees 
  • Forensic investigations (e.g. software-based searches and filtering emails)
  • (Electronic) analysis of accounting data 
  • Advising on data protection law

Review of tax obligations

  • Review of possible tax implications of the legal breach
  • Handling all correspondence with the revenue authorities 
  • Preparing tax reports and voluntary declarations 

Defending the company  

  • Analysing the risks of criminal prosecution +
  • Representation in criminal and administrative sanction proceedings 
  • Advising on cooperating with the investigating authorities and settlement proceedings

Disciplinary measures

  • Providing comprehensive employment-law advice throughout the whole process 
  • Drafting amnesty agreements in the event of a cooperation 
  • Employment law advice and support in the implementation of disciplinary measures (e.g. regarding warnings and, where appropriate, summary dismissals, and regarding the rights of co-determination of the employee representatives) 
  • Valuation and enforcement of damages claims against employees and corporate bodies

Consequences in terms of public procurement law and “self-cleaning”

  • Review of the implications of a breach of public procurement law, e.g. as a ground for exclusion in future public procurement procedures and, where applicable, defence against an exclusion from the procedure 
  • Review of the requirements for “self-cleaning” in terms of public procurement law, and preparation of the required documents in order to show that “self-cleaning” has taken place 
  • Support during the negotiations with the public contracting entities or authorities regarding the approval of a successful self-cleaning process

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