Corporate Litigation, Directors' and Officers' Liability, D&O Insurance

Corporate litigation

  • Advising on the preparation and implementation of disputed shareholders’ meetings and AGMs
  • Conduct of court actions to rescind, actions for declaratory judgments and other actions in connection with disputed shareholders' meetings and AGMs
  • Defending against investor claims

Directors' and officers' liability / D&O insurance

  • Advising board members, executive directors and supervisory board members on all decisions that may involve a risk of liability, including documenting business-related decisions
  • Compliance advice
  • Reviewing issues for potential liability claims against board members, executive directors and supervisory board members
  • Defending against and claiming damages against directors and officers 
  • Representation of directors/officers and companies before state courts and courts of arbitration in liability proceedings 
  • Advising board members, supervisory board members and executive directors on D&O insurance policies including the legal analysis of existing insurance terms as well as support in making insurance claims in the case of liability

Our further consulting services: