Structuring, implementing and terminating employment relationships and board memberships

Employment relationships:

  • Advising on legally watertight employment contracts including provisions on variable compensation models and flexible working hours, employee participation programs, company retirement provisions and cross-border employee assignments
  • Providing advice and support in the implementation of the employment relationship, including mobile working, structuring home working, managing reintegrations into the workplace. 
  • Providing advice and support in the termination of employment relationships, drafting termination and severance agreements as well as partial retirement models, transfer measures, representation in litigation throughout Germany 

Board members:

  • Drafting and negotiating service agreements for chief executives and board members, providing advice and support regarding the termination of service agreements 


  • Advising and structuring alternative working arrangements on the basis of contracts for services or contracts for the production of a work, drafting framework contracts for freelancers, consultants, interim managers, contracts for the supply of temporary employees

Our further consulting services: