In the beginning there was an idea! Perhaps it was first a faint notion that then became increasingly clearer and more specific and never left your mind. You have thought it over, questioned it, revised it, brooded over it, and finally said: "That's it!"

Many creative mines in the country work the same way. Germany's start-up scene profits from the liveliness of company founders along with a willingness to take risks on the part of financiers. Despite this, numerous studies by leading market research companies show that most new companies fail in their early stages despite good ideas and a willingness to provide financing.

The question remains: How can this happen when the business plan's factors were convincing to experts in their assessment and led to a positive forecast? The business management side is just one important factor of the objective assessment of a business idea. Numerous legal as well as tax aspects must also be taken into consideration.

Is the choice of the corporate form and of the company name legally secured? Are copyrights taken into consideration for brands and patents? Have you sufficiently protected your intellectual property? Was competent advice provided on the drafting and conclusion of IT contracts? Are data privacy factors sufficiently taken into consideration? Was the aspect of liability for you as an entrepreneur and for your company sufficiently taken into consideration?

Professional advice will help you to make effective use of existing and complex areas of room to maneuver. Esche Schümann Commichau supports you as an experienced partner with a staff of skilled experts that develops sophisticated solutions for the interlinking of legal, tax, and business management issues individually tailored to your requirements.

We make sure that you can keep your mind clear to concentrate on what got you here: your idea.