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JUVE-Guide 2019/2020

ESCHE's trademark and competition lawyers are increasingly succeeding in extending their activities to trademark and unfair competition litigation and making the IP team more visible in the market. Due to the good networking with the other practices, clients can often be provided with a comprehensive package (more)

JUVE-Guide 2018/2019

The practice of trademark, design and competition law is working more and more closely with other in-house practice groups, most recently in corporate and employment law. A trend that continued in the past year. (more)


Trademark, Design and Copyright Law

Trademark Law and Design Protection

  • Trademark and company searches, design searches, filing for and managing trademarks, designs and Community designs (Germany, European Union and international registrations)
  • Development of cross-border trademark and design protection strategies; collision monitoring; management of trademark and design portfolios
  • Assertion of rights and defense against claims in and out of court, combating trademark and design counterfeiting (border seizure)
  • Structuring of trademark and design purchase and licensing agreements
  • Securing internet domain names and representation in domain-related disputes 


  • Assertion of rights and defense against claims in and out of court in all areas of copyright and in particular copyright infringement litigation and the prosecution of cases of internet piracy
  • Copyright and the internet (protection and use of images, texts, web designs, apps, embedded content)
  • Grant of usage rights, drafting copyright Agreements

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