JUVE-Guide 2019/2020

The public procurement team is deeply rooted in the waste management industry and intensively supports its regular clients in large-volume investment projects, both on the client's and the bidder's side (more)

WirtschaftsWoche 2021

In the category of public procurement law, WirtschaftsWoche ranks us among the "top law firms" in Germany in 2021. Dr. Martin Dieckmann from our firm is named as one of the most renowned public procurement lawyers. (more)

JUVE-Guide 2018/2019

The procurement law team accompanies its regular clients as intensively and regularly as usual in invitations to tender. The clients often trust the other departments of the law firm. (more)


Procurement Law (Public Procurements) and Subsidy Law

Procurement law (public procurements)

  • Providing specialist legal advice to public sector tenderees in procurement proceedings including any review proceedings
  • Support of bidders in public procurement proceedings (review of procurement documents, support in drafting the offer, drafting complaints etc.) and in any review proceedings before the procurement courts
  • Clarifying whether orders and changes to contracts are subject to a public procurement requirement and advice on the choice of the correct procurement procedure
  • Providing procurement law advice in connection with privatizations, public-private partnerships and cooperations under public law
  • Providing procurement law support regarding corporate transactions that may have an impact on existing public contracts
  • Training employees of public sector tenderees and bidders on issues of procurement law, and wide-ranging publications

Subsidy law

  • Advice and representation on questions of public funding law under German law and European state aid law
  • Supporting recipients of public funds in complying with their procurement obligations under grant notices or contracts
  • Advising on public funding issues in the context of corporate acquisitions

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