Corporate Transactions

In the acquisition and sale of companies, the tax impact plays an important role, especially as taxation will influence the purchase price. Timely optimization of corporate structures can mean an improvement in the seller's net profits from the sale. The purchaser is interested, among other things, in creating suitable instruments to optimize the tax rate, in particular by taking financing expenses and creation of efficient resale possibilities into account (exit structures).

In such instances, Esche Schümann Commichau provides support in the form of analyzing the group structure, developing concepts for structural optimization and implementation with appropriate legal and organizational measures, secured by coordination with financial administration and implementation of the structure through drafting and negotiation of the necessary legal agreements and documents by the firm's core area of legal consultancy. In this process, you are of course free to choose between support for certain parts of the project only or for the project as a whole: from the first analysis right through to legal documentation and reflection in tax returns.

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