Subsequent Tax Declarations to Avoid Penalties

In recent years, the number of tax related criminal investigations has increased significantly. Authorities are initiating criminal proceedings for tax evasion at an ever-earlier stage, and courts are enforcing much higher penalties. Tax evasion is a serious matter, irrespective of the amount concerned. If you are facing an investigation by tax authorities you should seek professional legal advice at the earliest possible stage.

Voluntary self-disclosure

Preparing and submitting a voluntary self-disclosure requires a high standard of expertise and experience. Every case demands an individual legal and fiscal appreciation.

For 40 years, Esche Schümann Commichau has provided legal advice, tax advice and auditing services. Our experts in the fields of income tax law, sales tax law, inheritance and gift tax law offer advice on all questions regarding the legalization of previously untaxed income including a voluntary disclosure. Their expertise also extends to complex international legal matters. Additionally, our corporate and commercial lawyers are ready to assist you with complex holding structures. In dealing with criminal charges we work closely with renowned criminal defense lawyers in Hamburg.

Subsequent tax declaration

A subsequent tax declaration also requires multidisciplinary assistance, especially since the hurdles imposed by the German Fiscal Code are high: a subsequent tax declaration does not only have to be complete and on time; all annual financial statements, balance sheets and tax declarations must be examined and amended, respectively. Numerous specialists in our tax and auditing departments are at your disposal to assist with this extensive assignment.

Confidentiality and discretion

Self-disclosure is a decision which requires careful consideration and counsel. However, confiding information about tax fraud or tax evasion to someone is often difficult. We can help you avoid lengthy criminal proceedings if you decide to make a voluntary self-disclosure. In case you are already facing criminal investigations you can count on our trustworthy and experienced legal advice. It goes without saying that all of the work we do for our clients is conducted with absolute confidentiality and discretion, both in relation to your identity and the matter at hand.

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