Associated Partner *

Dennis Pohlmann

Tax Advisor, Certified Specialist for Tax Law

Languages: German, English


Personal Details
  • Leuphana University Lüneburg (Diplom-Kaufmann)
  •  KPMG AG Auditing Company, Hamburg
  • Appointment as Tax Adviser
  • Specialist Adviser for international Tax Law
  • Steuerberaterkammer Hamburg
  • KPMG & Friends Alumni Netzwerk


  • Pohlmann / Schäffer
    Aktuelles Steuerrecht und Ausblick 2016
    Vortrag im Rahmen des ESCHE Forums Unternehmensteuern am 26.11.2015 in Hamburg


  • Pohlmann
    Reward-based Crowdfunding – umsatzsteuerliche Implikationen
    Publisher: ESCHE compact III/2017, S. 12

Which quote inspired you and why?

"Nature is pleased with simplicity. And nature is no dummy" (Isaac Newton). This quote inspires me in my daily consulting. Because even in tax law, the simple solutions are not always, but often the best.
* Associated Partner (no Partner of the professional partnership)