Dr. Philipp Engelhoven

Attorney at Law

Languages: German, English


Personal Details
  • University of Göttingen
  • 2004-2006 Research assistant at the University of Göttingen
  • 2007-2010 Lawyer at Taylor Wessing
  • 2009 Doctorate (Dr. jur.) on a topic of antitrust law
  • 2010-2011 Legal Counsel at B. Braun Melsungen AG

  • Studienvereinigung Kartellrecht e. V.
  • ICC Germany – Internationale Handelskammer Deutschland e. V., Delegate of the Commission "Competition"
  • Deutsche Institution für Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit (DIS) e. V.


  • Engelhoven
    EU/German New Supply Chain Act
    Vortrag im Rahmen eines ESG Events in Kooperation mit Cascione Advogados am 13.03.2024 in Sao Paulo
  • Engelhoven
    Compliance als Risiko und Herausforderung in privaten und öffentlichen Ämtern
    Vortrag in Kooperation mit der Friedrich Naumann Stiftung am 14. März 2024 in Hamburg
  • Engelhoven / Eggers / Stegmann
    Rechtsberatung in der Compliance-Krise
    Vortrag in Kooperation mit dem HAV am 06.09.2023 in Hamburg
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  • Engelhoven / Gardemann
    Verbot der Doppelbestrafung auch durch Verwaltungssanktionen, Besprechung der Entscheidung EuGH, 14. September 2023, Rs C – 27/22
    Publisher: EWiR 2024, Seite 30 ff.
  • Engelhoven
    Keine Schadensersatzhaftung des Organs für Kartellgeldbußen des Unternehmens
    Publisher: EWiR 2023, S. 551
  • Engelhoven
    Besprechung Entscheidung ArbG Oldenburg vom 9.2.2023, 3 Ca 150/21, zum Schadensersatzanspruch gegen ehemalige Arbeitgeber wegen Verletzung der DSGVO
    Publisher: EWiR 2023, S. 349
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JUVE-Guide 2023/2024

Dr. Philipp Engelhoven is one of the frequently recommended lawyers for Compliance Investigations this year.

JUVE-Guide 2022/2023

Dr. Philipp Engelhoven is again one of the frequently recommended lawyers for Litigation this year.

Handelsblatt / Best Lawyers 2022

Dr. Philipp Engelhoven is one of the "best lawyers in Germany" in Antitrust and Competition Law.

JUVE-Guide 2021/2022

The "analytically and commercially minded" Dr. Philipp Engelhoven is once again one of the frequently recommended lawyers in the field of Litigation.

JUVE-Guide 2020/2021 quote

"The practice, traditionally dominated by the ongoing litigation business for permanent clients from the North, is increasingly succeeding in playing a role in disputes that receive national attention. This applies to inzw. several cartel damage compensation cases, in which Dr. Engelhoven represents damaged ones of the cartels sugar, roller bearings and recently plant protection agents."

JUVE-Guide 2019/2020 quote

„The ship paint manufacturer Hempel entrusted ESCHE with one of the first major mandates for compliance. This was followed by the work for the Elsflether Werft shipyard following the "Gorch Fock" affair, another prominent mandate. In the meantime, the team is also accompanying the internal investigation for a big chemical trading company to uncover a case of fraud. [...] Under the leadership of compliance specialist Dr. Philipp Engelhoven, around 15 lawyers turned every stone in the Elsfleth shipyard over."

German Business Magazine Wirtschaftswoche 30/2019

WirtschaftsWoche has awarded Dr. Philipp Engelhoven as leading lawyer in the field of antitrust law.

German Business Magazine Wirtschaftswoche 15/2019

Wirtschaftswoche has awarded Dr. Philipp Engelhoven as leading lawyer in the field of compliance.

Legal 500

“… A highlight in the compliance practice was the internal investigation for [a client]. Philipp Engelhoven assumed the leadership.”

Handelsblatt / Best Lawyers 2021

Dr. Philipp Engelhoven is one of the "best lawyers in Germany" in Antitrust and Competition Law.